Pulcinella and his girlfriend Gegia, eke out a living as "storytellers". And since the world is what it is, the stories they tell are a bit mischievous. The good guys or the heroes don't always win; sometimes their stories reward some nice rogue ... who, however - maybe not even knows - is perhaps rebelling against something, and even with reason!
With the help of Giambattista Basile and his precious collection "Lu Cunto de li Cunti", Pulcinella and Gegia tell us this time about three beautiful ancient fables: La Pietra del Gallo, The Seven Cotennine, Penta Mano Mozza.
La prima è una storia di magia, la seconda di furbizia, la terza di coraggio e fortuna. Lo spettacolo può svolgersi dovunque: in un teatro, in un salone, in un capannone, in un cortile, in una piazza, in un parco. Può anche dipanarsi in tre posti diversi: tre piazzette in successione, tre zone di un parco, tre soste di uno stesso percorso. Ogni favola in un “suo” posto. Ogni posto i suoi fantasmi…

The way our masks to tell is "musical and acrobatic": there is a lot of movement that creates images and fantasies, there are voices that alternate and chase each other, there are songs in unison, there are apparitions of characters played by Pulcinella, Gegia or both ...
In short, there are all the guarantees not to be bored! And there is the subtle meaning of revisiting and bringing back to life, thus letting themselves reflect in the present, some precious parables of the immense popular "gospels" ...
The Company's language, developed in a long and patient work of over twenty five years, is highly artisanal: original, precise and professional, of great technical and aesthetic quality, but above all as good as homemade bread.

Lucia Zaghet e Giulia Colussi
Directed by: Ferruccio Merisi
a Production by:
Scuola Sperimentale dell’Attore/
L’Arlecchino Errante